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From the Developer

Psyc Hero: come out of your psyc test feeling like a winner.

Psyc Hero was developed by a psychology professor to help students do well on their psych tests and to help students preparing for the AP or GRE Psychology test.

• A unique approach: frequently occurring terms from 6 major psychology topics are included. The terms are presented using concept maps, audio definitions and review quizzes (more topics coming soon!)

• Concept Maps allow you to quickly see how the terms are related to each other. Just tap a term and hear a definition

• Audio Definitions: professor Michael Britt provides you with brief, clear, to-the-point audio definitions

• Major topics covered in this version: Biological psychology, Personality, Therapy, Research Methods, Learning and Psychological Disorders

• Coming soon: more topics, terms, images, mnemonics and animations!

• The first Psychology Test Prep app from the web’s most popular academic psychology podcast: The Psych Files. (the app is not affiliated with the College Board)

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