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Prime English-Korean Dict.

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From the Developer

A recommended dictionary by ELLAK(The English Language & Literature Association of Korea)!
Contents Features
-Includes maximum number of vocabularies, affluent example sentences and various reference vocabularies
-Provides a great variety of the newest words and current English and adds new meaning to existing words
-Contains idiomatic and living expressions with precise and up-to-date translation to Korean language.
-Provides many actual usages of words, especially variation of a sentence arose with particular grammatical class of word.
-Thesaurus entries with synonyms and antonyms provided for improvement of both vocabulary and skill for subtle distinction of nuance between words
-Provides users with diverse information needed for learning English

☆Application Features ★★★★★
-Preparing Updates including New features.
-More than 160 thousands of audio sound included(Both US and UK pronunciation)
-Great vocabulary group function
-Bookmarks & history list
-New Menu:explanatory notes

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Key Features

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