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Prepositions by Teach Speech Apps

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From the Developer

Prepositions by Teach Speech Apps helps develop the skills needed to understand the relationship between other words in a sentence. Create grammatically correct sentences by working with positional / directional concepts and locators in time and place.

This interactive app helps individuals learn prepositions in a fun and engaging way. Four activities include:
- Identify the picture that demonstrates the sentence
- Identify the preposition for the sentence
- Drag and drop the item to the correct location
- Identify if the preposition indicates Location, Time or Movement

Teach Speech Apps encourages learning side-by-side with an engaged adult.

- Develops listening and language skills
- Enriches vocabulary
- Practices relationships between nouns and pronouns
- Professional photos for individuals of all ages and learning levels
- Multi-sensory learning - combining seeing and hearing feedback
- Reinforcement sounds that can be turned on/off in settings
- Aligned with the Common Core Standards
- No ads
- No in-app purchases

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