Powers of Minus Ten - Cells and Genetics

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From the Developer

Powers of Minus Ten lets you interactively zoom into a human hand and explore environments with scientifically-accurate 3D content. Discover some of the basic concepts in biology and learn about the structures of a few of the key cells, proteins, and molecules found in our bodies.

POMT is...

  • meant to be a general introduction to the science behind cells and genetics
  • an ever-expanding visual guide to the microcosm (More content is constantly in the works)
  • a relatively seamless zooming experience that emphasizes the interconnectedness of life's processes at different levels of magnification
  • originally developed to supplement late middle school to early high school introductory science curriculum

Produced with funding from the National Science Foundation, Powers of Minus Ten is perfect for a general introduction to the structures of the cell and key molecular processes.

Topics covered include: mitosis, transcription, translation, cell parts, and DNA replication.

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