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Discover the Great Parenting Lessons!

Your precious children change from idolizing your every move to leaving you in the dust. Everything is suddenly about them - their friends, their phone, their facebook.

Parents respond by preaching nagging and threatening, often causing teens to feel less respected and become insolent or withdrawn. It is a never-ending cycle.

Though it is impossible to avoid the tug of war, you can make the days smoother with communication.

The adolescent years are naturally a time of conflict for parents and teenagers. It's when kids grow into a distinct person. Teens naturally start pulling away, so they can make decisions independent of the mold their parents expect.

What is a time of self-discovery for the teen can be a nightmare for parents. During these important formative years, parents want make sure their kids maintain the values they worked hard to instill.

Teenagers naturally resist and argue in an attempt to assert their forming beliefs. The bumpy interaction between parents and teenagers often creates a time of confusion in the family.

This guide gives concrete lessons and tips for parenting your teen.
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