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Ages: 11-18
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From the Developer

Decipher Chinese has become “Read Chinese, Learn Chinese”.

Please download our new app for daily bite-sized Chinese news! It’s free, and there are more articles and more functions.

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Master Real-World Chinese Reading - Premium - Beginner Edition

Practice Mandarin reading with simple articles, instant dictionary and audio
1. Easy, graded Chinese articles on your phone, works 100% offline
2. Instant touch dictionary
3. Instant audio for Mandarin listening

After all those mandarin lessons, Chinese newspapers and media can still seem impenetrable.

Decipher Chinese Reader helps you practice your Mandarin reading and listening, one bite at a time. Real, recent articles that native Chinese people are reading but you still have a chance of understanding 80%, and the support to read the last 20% of words you haven’t learnt yet.

The articles are downloaded on to your phone so you can read them offline when you have a spare moment to practice.

Decipher Chinese Beginner: HSK 2 to 3
- 50 articles of easy Chinese reading.
- News, lifestyle articles and contemporary essays, so the reader can read real contemporary Chinese articles with the help of the assisted reader.
- Idiom stories to learn Chinese culture, whilst practicing reading.
- Suitable for Beginners with knowledge of 300 or more Chinese characters. (Most articles at HSK level 3, with some articles at HSK level 2.)
- Simplified Chinese only

Example article titles:
- Emergency support vehicles for college exam
- Brave woman saves toddler after 10th floor fall
- The story of Mulan
- Xiao Feng and the magic pencil


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