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NHS Drinks Tracker

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From the Developer

Use the official NHS Drinks Tracker to quickly calculate your drink units, keep track of your drinking and get personalised feedback. A great app if you want to cut down on your drinking.

The app is fast, accurate and simple to use.

Features of the NHS Drinks Tracker:
• Calculate the units in your drinks.
• Track your drinking over weeks and months.
• Get personalised feedback on your drinking.
• Find local NHS alcohol services.

Quick guide to using the NHS Drinks Tracker

Select drinks:
To select a drink tap on one of the four drink icons.

Adjust the picker to choose the strength (%), size and number of drinks you want to calculate. Tap on the Add drink button and the units will be calculated. They display in blue text below the image.

Please note: if you're not sure of the strength, don't adjust. The app is set to a default for you.

You can add up the units in a selection of drinks by tapping on other drinks and repeating the process. As drinks are added the units will automatically be added up and will display underneath each icon.

List view:
You can review and edit the drinks added in a session by tapping on the list button.

Save to tracker:
Once you've added all your drinks for one day, tap the Save button and use the calendar to select the date. (These drinks will show in your tracker. The default view for My tracker is one week and you can toggle between weeks and months using the Previous and Next buttons.) You can change the view by turning your phone.

Feedback on your drinking:
To get personalised information on your drinking, tap on the Feedback button. Feedback on your drinking is based on guidelines on the last seven days of drinking.

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