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NAVER Global Phrase Book Plus

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From the Developer

★★★ The best phrasebook/language learning application!
★★★ Practical, real-life phrases helpful for travelling and everyday life (516 situations)
★★★ The largest phrasebook with 4,092 entries in 12 different languages

Now introducing NAVER Global Phrase Book Plus, a more robust version of NAVER Global Phrase Book! It offers daily used phrases in addition to the essential travel phrases.

NAVER Global Phrase Book, with 4,092 essential phrases in 12 different languages, is a must-have application for all: in addition to travelers, for those who are learning foreign languages, expats living overseas, as well as those who frequently communicate with foreigners.
(Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Mongolian)

[Detailed Description]

■ Afraid to speak to foreigners? No problem!
NAVER Global Phrase Book Plus will help you communicate with foreign friends. Check out the 4,092 essential phrases in 12 languages, which you can use both when travelling and at home. It is easy to find the sentence you need, as the phrases are neatly organized by 516 different situations and you can search in Korean as well.

■ Read, listen, and speak.
In addition to the original language, all phrases are spelled in Korean, helping you easily pronounce sentences even if you don't know the language. You can hear the pronunciation of native speakers by tapping the speaker icon. Make sure you get the right intonation and accent!

■ Learn keywords first.
If a sentence is too long and difficult to repeat after, just say a keyword to get your point across. When you tap the keywords represented in blue letters, the speaker icon will appear along with the pronunciation in Korean.

■ Still too difficult? Just show your screen!
It is a frustrating experience when people can't understand what you are trying to say, and even worse when you're in a hurry. In that case, just show them your screen in full screen mode. The application supports a full screen mode that enlarges letters, making it easier to show people.

If any problems are discovered in this application's operation, please contact us at NAVER Customer Service ( or via email (

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