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My Student Budget Planner

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From the Developer

This handy, free to download app from the UK’s leading study skills publisher will help you manage your student finances and stay on top of debt. Perfect for anyone new to budgeting, it does all the hard work of number-crunching - leaving you free to relax and enjoy the money you have.

Designed by the team behind the best-selling Palgrave Study Skills books, My Student Budget Planner makes staying on top of your finances much easier.

Simply input your income and outgoings, set the period you want to budget for and the app will show you how much you have to spend each week. It’s the ideal pocket companion for those cash-strapped student days.

My Student Budget Planner:

  • Helps you establish your disposable income for the week
  • Has a tracker, so you can tot up your spending on the go
  • Stores your progress, so you can see where you are overall
  • Alerts you if you’ve gone over budget
  • Recalculates week-on-week so you stay on track
  • Points you to helpful tips and advice when needed

Straightforward to set up and friendly to use, this is a clever little tool that will make your life at college or University that bit less stressful. As a free app, it’s the best investment you’ll make this term!

For advice on how to organise and manage all aspects of your study, visit Palgrave Study Skills ( and follow us on Twitter @skills4study.

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