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From the Developer

Combining detailed music theory notes with matching exercises... This is what learning music theory is all about!

Check our all these subjects:
♪ Introduction to intervals
♪ Introduction to scales
♪ scale relationships
♪ major chords
♪ altered triads
♪ diatonic chords
♪ key signatures
♪ diatonic intervals
♪ chromatic intervals
♪ clef notes
♪ clef notes with sharps and flats
♪ relative minor scale
♪ harmonic minor scale
♪ melodic minor scale.

✔ There is no other app out there that offers such a variety of content!

✔ Develop your ears as you develop your knowledge. Musicopoulos comes with beautiful piano music samples that will help develop your ears as you develop you knowledge.

⚠ IMPORTANT! Make sure the mute switch is OFF to ensure you hear the notes for each answer

✔ Choice of input method:
♪ keypad in portrait mode
♪ piano keys in landscape mode

✔ Musicopoulos is the best drilling app available! Currently, it covers
♪ music theory
♪ sight reading
with more modules on the way!

If you are or want to be a musician, you need to check this out!

Understanding Music Theory will help you become the best musician you can be, the musician you want to be.

Download Musicopoulos now and become a part of the music family!

So what are the critics saying...

"lessons with accompanying practices in notes and intervals, scales, and chords. Finally, you can fit your favorite class in your pocket" - Strings Magazine, January 2010, No. 177

"...practice sections are phenomenal... Pure gold" - Brian,

For beginners and intermediate users, Musicopoulos will take you through all the necessary steps to help you become a better musician. For advanced users, these exercises will help keep you sharp and focused.

Many of the exercises in Musicopoulos include Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels so you can build on your knowledge at your own pace.

We want to make Musicopoulos the best music theory app available, but we can't do that without your help!

Please visit our website and send us an email. We love hearing your feedback. What would you like to see in the next update?

Take a look at our company website for more information

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