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Motion Math: Fractions!

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Teacher Review

Motion Math: Fractions! is an innovative game that teaches kids about fractions while covering a handful of Common Core math standards and UK National Curriculum. Through the use of such visuals as number lines and fraction bars, students can learn how to estimate and compare fractions in various formats including standard, decimal, percent, and pie-chart.

From the Developer

Bounce your way to fractions mastery! For ages 5 and up, Motion Math helps learners estimate four forms of fractions: numerator over denominator (1/2), percents (50%), decimals (.5), and pie charts.

Perceiving fractions quickly and accurately is needed for advanced math success. In a controlled study, kids who played Motion Math: Fractions! for 20 minutes for 5 days:
• Improved 15% on fractions test scores.
• Improved attitudes and confidence towards fractions an average of 10%.

"The execution is phenomenally entertaining and challenging…educationally stunning." 
"Dynamic…you move your way toward a better understanding of numerical relationships, one bounce at a time. 4.5 Stars." 
"All I can say is, WOW!…Our 3rd grader said he 'wished he could do this for math every day.' Our 5th grader agreed." 

Key Product Features
• Intuitive, tilt gameplay
• Five forms of fractions: numerator over denominator, percents, decimals, pie charts, and number line.
• Progress stars, sound and star effects reward players for solving problems
• Beginner, medium, and expert modes for different learners
• Hints and scaffolding help struggling players

Learning Goals
• Master estimation of fractions, percents, decimals and pie charts
• Locate the many representations of fractions on a given number line
• Build automaticity in comparing fractions

Common Core Standards: 3.NF.2., 3.NF.3., 4.NF.2., 4.NF.5., 4.NF.6., 4.NF.7., 5.NF.6.

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