Morton Subotnick's Pitch Painter

Category: Art

Ages: 0-4 4-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - £1.99


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From the Developer

Morton Subotnick's Pitch Painter offers an intuitive way for children to create and learn about music. This is a musical finger painting app that is simple yet surprisingly sophisticated. While engaged in creative musical play, the child will be introduced to a variety of musical instrumental sounds and authentic scale tunings from four regions of the world.


-designed specifically for ages 3-5.
-select 3 instrumental sounds from each of 4 different regions of the world.
-hear what you are creating as you paint it using up to three fingers at one time.
-play the "canvas" in many different ways:
-hear exactly how you painted it.
-hear it as a normal piece of ‘written’ music played from left to right.
-hear how it sounds upside down, backwards
-scrub it like a DJ
-erase notes you don’t want.
-save and load your compositions.
-detailed instructions for parents and educators.

The author, Morton Subotnick, is a well known American composer of electronic music.

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