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Monkey Write: Radical: Water

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From the Developer

Monkey Write workbook for the water radical.

Speed up your Chinese character acquisition by learning the radicals. This set is for the water radical, and you will pick up many characters, such as river, pond, ocean, lake, harbor, bay, wave, source, mud, sweat, juice, soup, oil, wine, steam, flush, wash, immerse, swim, bathe, sink, dissolve, slide, deep, shallow, wet, warm, clear, dirty, thirsty.

Characters included: 水 河 江 池 海 洋 湖 溪 港 湾/灣 洲 漠 洞 浪 潮 流 波 泉 源 泥 沙 汗 泪/淚 液 滴 汁 汤/湯 油 酒 汽 法 沖 洗 浸 泡 游 泳 沐 浴 漂 潜/潛 沉 泊 溶 滑 溜 注 混 活 演 沿 测/測 浓/濃 淡 深 浅/淺 湿/濕 温 清 污 渴 满/滿 沒 渐/漸

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