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From the Developer

Monet HD is used in various colleges and educational institutions as study aid.

Complete Monet Gallery with Quality
Monet HD features a complete collection of HD paintings of one of the greatest French impressionists, Claude Monet.

Virtual Museum Experience
Monet HD takes you through a virtual tour of Monet's lifetime works in 7 amazing categories. Come experience the greatest art pieces in high definition with educational info and background music.

7 Categories
1. Paris (1861~1870)
2. Argenteuil (1871~1877)
3. Vetheuil & Poissy (1878~1882)
4. Giverny (1883~1889) Part I
5. Giverny (1890~1909) Part II
6. Giverny (1910~1926) Part III
7. Works from Unknown Dates

Educational Info
1. Title
2. Original Year
3. Method/Tools of Painting
4. Size of Original Painting
5. Current Location and Ownership


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