Miko and Cola

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Ages: 4-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - £1.99


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From the Developer

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Dr. Krinkles introduces the quirky little story of Miko and Cola. Follow these twisted kitties on their misadventures inside their charming and silly little world. “Miko and Cola” is an original interactive comic book where the characters come to life as they charge through a series of adventures. Kids love their mischievous play and their off-the-wall friends, voices, dialogue and escapades.

Character voices are performed by kids from around the world! Music is performed and recorded by Emmy™ and Grammy™ award winning Dog & Pony studios.


PARENTAL CONTROLS-Miko and Cola is shipped in a “locked” state an offers parental controls. Parents may choose to allow sharing and social features from inside the app.

ART JAM APPS-This fully animated, interactive story includes the first ever Art Jam™ technology. Art Jam™ is a new interactive technology platform that transforms the way users play with audio and visual content on mobile devices The more you play, the more you unlock so keep playing! www.moonrider.com.

“The Silly Fun Adventures of Miko and Cola” delivers two unique and engaging experiences. Access both songs directly from the menu page! Enjoy “The Silly Fun Adventures of Miko and Cola” and “Monster Stomach”. Keep playing to unlock more scenes and more interaction!

Special thanks to development partner Fluent Concepts.

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Recommended ages, 5-7, 7-11
Categories: Comic, Reading, Games, Music

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