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Mides IDE

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From the Developer

Why carry a laptop when you can do all your work from the palm of your hand? Mides is a PHP IDE you can use to build PHP based web applications from your iPad, iPhone, or your iPod Touch. It allows you to navigate your files in an intuitive fashion, tailored specifically to the iPhone OS' revolutionary design paradigm.

Mides currently handles, .php, .htm(l), .xml, .js, .erb, .jsp, .and .css files, with the ability to play media files as well.

Mides unfortunately at this time does not have a built-in php interpreter, however in the future this functionality will hopefully be present.


- Integrated FTP client with SFTP
- Offline preview
- Http Server for real AJAX offline UI previewing
- Image viewer
- Offline language reference
- Local File System
- Multiple Project Manager
- Image import and manipulation
- Master Password
- Use Bonjour to preview your site in IE or Safari
- Line Numbering
- PHP Code Completion
- JSLint JavaScript error checking

For upcoming features, help and tutorial videos, please visit our site

To keep up with what is going on with Mides, in real-time, please follow me on Twitter

FTP Servers and hosts that Mides has been tested with: Dreamhost, mac os x ftpd, ubuntu 8 & 9 ftpd, and Cross FTP Server.

If you are using a Windows based FTP server, you may have minor issues with folders and file names.

Mides requires that files be UTF-8 encoded, if they are not you will see a blank screen, or other artifacts when viewing.

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Computer Science