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This app is developed using Adaptive Learning Technology which significantly lessens the amount of time needed to learn new terms and definitions and also gives you a personalized learning experience.

EducareLab’s Interactive MCAT Chemistry App on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Did you know that one of the best ways to study and memorize new terms, words and definitions for MCAT Chemistry Test is to use Flash Cards and then QUIZ yourself to see if you memorized the terms and definitions? And with the use of our iPhone, iPod and iPad app you don’t need to spend time making Flash Cards because we have done it for you. This app is perfect for high school students planning to take the MCAT Chemistry test in future.

EducareLab team members found that Flash Cards were the single most useful thing that could be used to memorize new words, terms and definitions. Hence, with EducareLab’s Flash Card App, you can study and memorize MCAT Chemistry terms and definitions on the go. Once seeing the terms in the Flash Card section, you can test yourself to see if you memorized them by using the QUIZ section.

What makes us the BEST?

☆ More than 1000 MCAT Chemistry terms in the form of Flash Cards.
☆ 1000 terms include important prefixes and suffixes apart from other important terms and definitions.
☆ Each word consists of its meaning and/or definition.
☆ Quiz yourself with the terms you learnt from flash cards to see if you memorized.
☆ Keeps track of the words/terms you have mastered.
☆ Keeps track of the words/terms you haven’t mastered so that you can work on them more.
☆ Everyday statistics show you the number of words/terms you got correct and incorrect.
☆ Share your everyday Quiz results with your friends on facebook and twitter to compete with them.
☆ Access to our award winning blog articles on tips and advice for college students right on your mobile device.

EducareLab’s MCAT Chemistry App is created by students and educators who have succeeded using the strategy as seen in this app. We have been featured on Mashable, HuffingtonPost, USAToday College, Inc Magazine, Trendhunter Magazine etc. But we still think that there is always a chance for us to improve. So, send us your feedback at

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