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LogOn Science Add Physics

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From the Developer

Science Website to your android device.
Key Features
• Access to about 2000 real exam questions (yes that is two thousand!)
• Automatic and instantaneous marking with final percentages and grades
• Correct your own work using a “HELP” button
• Choose between 5 levels of quiz – Basic, Foundation, Standard, Higher and Advanced
• Automatic default to correct level, topic by topic
• Choice of number of questions
• Comprehensive records show your scores, % and average grades against each topic
• Fits your exam syllabus exactly, most available within this App (see below)
• There are matching LogOn Science Apps for Core Science Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Additional
Science Chemistry and Biology
• All our Apps include the How Science Works topic
What this App Covers
This App covers the Additional Physics component for the following exam boards:
 AQA Science A
 Edexcel Science
 OCR Gateway
Simply choose your exam board in Settings, if you get it wrong, just change it.
If you are following OCR 21st Century Science, The Welsh Board (WJEC) the iGCSE or other science courses in Scotland, Ireland or outside the UK, you will find that the Generic LogOn Science Apps are just what you need.
How it Works
You choose your syllabus in Settings. You will be presented with the Additional Physics topics for that syllabus.
Having chosen a topic you will be presented with sub-topic headings, the level will be preset for you
according to your average grade in that topic, but you can override that. You will be able change the
number of questions. Press Go and you will be presented with real exam board questions from past
papers. Marking is instantaneous, when you are correct you can move to the next question. You can use
the Help to correct your mistakes. At the end you get your Results - a score, percentage and grade for your
first, second and final attempt answers. The grades take into account the level of quiz completed. Long
term averages are shown in Statistics.
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