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Linux Monitor

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From the Developer

escription: The Linux Monitoring application concentrates several resource information about your remote Linux server (or client) in one window. You can choose between the data view - for all numerical facts - or the Visual view with progress bars displaying the consumptions. The application currently collects
all important information such as the CPU load, RAM usage, disk usage for all mounted partitions and much more!
The Linux Monitoring application needs an Apache Webserver and PHP on the remote side, where a php script providing the data is called.

- You can get a copy of the current version of the necessary php script on the Mirrors:

- for testing the App, enter the following Adress in your Phone:


- You have to place the script in a public folder of your Webserver (e.g. htdocs) and change the URL on the
Linux monitoring application in the Options Tab to the address, where the php file is accessible

- Note:
Please don't change anything inside the php script.
We don't support any changes in the php script.

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