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From the Developer

Learn to write is a simple easy to use app design to help children learn how to write letters and numbers. The app currently supports small and capital letters and numbers.

The user can also choose from 9 different colours

The alphabets of following 29 languages are supported:
•	Arabic (عربي)
•	Bulgarian (Български)
•	Catalan (Català)
•	Croatian (Hrvatski)
•	Czech (Český)
•	Danish
•	Dutch
•	English
•	Estonian (Eesti)
•	German (Deutsch)
•	Farsi (Persian)
•	Finnish (Soumi)
•	French (Français)
•	Greek (Ελληνικά)
•	Icelandic (íslenska)
•	Italian (Italiano)
•	Herbrew (עִבְרִית)
•	Hungarian (Magyar)
•	Latvian (Latviešu)
•	Norwegian (Norsk)
•	Polish (Polski)
•	Portuguese (Português)
•	Romanian (Română)
•	Russian (русский)
•	Spanish (Español)
•	Slovak (Slovenský)
•	Slovenian (Slovenski)
•	Swedish (Svenska)
•	Turkish (Türkçe)
•	Ukrainian (українська)

Please email info@invokeit.co.uk for feature requests / support queries 
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