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Learn English, Speak English

Category: Language Learning

Ages: 18+


  • Learn English, Speak English-1Learn English, Speak English-2Learn English, Speak English-3Learn English, Speak English-4Learn English, Speak English-5Learn English, Speak English-6Learn English, Speak English-7Learn English, Speak English-8Learn English, Speak English-9Learn English, Speak English-10Learn English, Speak English-11Learn English, Speak English-12Learn English, Speak English-13Learn English, Speak English-14Learn English, Speak English-15Learn English, Speak English-16Learn English, Speak English-17Learn English, Speak English-18Learn English, Speak English-19

From the Developer

* English Video Tutorial
* Learn to speak English easily.
* Basic to Advanced language English learning.
* Speak with a video Character and get instant feedback.
* You speak English and SpeakingPal understands!
* Improve your English speaking skills
* From beginners to business and academic needs.

Hours of fun video content:
* More than 100 levels, 1000 different dialogs, 1800 sentences, 1300 vocabulary, and hundreds of quiz questions
* Don't miss our 16 free levels !!!

2 million users! 10 global awards!
Winner of 2013 SXSWedu in Higher Education (US)
Winner of 2013 Learning Awards for Innovative Learning Service (UK)

• Talk in English with a video character
• Automatic speech recognition understands and rates your speech
• Get instant color-coded feedback on your pronunciation
• Record and compare your speech with a native English speaker
• Topic based dialogs are humorous and short – practice takes a few minutes
• Unlimited opportunity to practice all sentences
• Rich multimedia – text, voice, and video
• Beginner, intermediate and more advanced levels
• Videos of how to say all English sounds
• Vocabulary aid
• It’s easy, fun and takes just a few minutes a day!

What our users say:
“Such a great app to learn English skills.”
“A brilliant way to learn to pronounce in English.”
“This is the best English learning tool, I have ever seen.”

If you have Busuu, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Mindsnacks, Voxy, or other English learning products, you will want SpeakingPal English Tutor to help you learn how to speak in English!

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