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Category: Science

Ages: 4-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - £2.99


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From the Developer

Unleash your inner scientist with KidScience, the app that puts a science lab at your fingertips with simple recipes for mind-blowing experiments using everyday ingredients.

You can search for experiments based on:

· What you have on hand (Got milk? Food coloring? You can do an experiment.)
· Age of scientist (2 to 92)
· Time available (5 minutes? Half an hour? Two days? You’ve got time!)
· Type of science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry…try them all!)

Our watch-and-do photos and videos make it easy to follow step-by-step instructions for real science experiments. Simple explanations of the science behind the fun are included with each experiment. You can even make a shopping list if you don’t have everything you need for a project.

The KidScience app will be continually updated with new experiments.

** Our premium version includes all of our current and all future video releases. **

Liz Heinecke, a.k.a. the Kitchen Pantry Scientist, is on a mission to get every kid excited about science by making it easy and inexpensive. A mom of three with a Master’s degree in Bacteriology, Liz stays busy demonstrating science on TV, working with the Science Museum of Minnesota as an Earth Ambassador for NASA, updating her website, and teaching microbiology to nursing students.

Cindy Schaller, founder of CS Web Concepts & Design, is all about putting technology to practical use to make your life easier.

This joint effort between the Kitchen Pantry Scientist and CS Web Concepts & Design makes science fun. Please be sure to rate the app and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us make KidScience even better.

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