Jellytoons Birthday Countdown

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Ages: 0-4 4-11
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From the Developer

Learn and giggle with the Jellytoons’ first interactive book for toddlers and preschoolers.

Today is Bobo’s birthday! In Jellytown, friends come out and play with Bobo on his special day.

This original interactive story, developed specially for toddlers and preschoolers, will provide countless hours of learning and enjoyment. The 14-page rhyming book encourages exploration and critical thinking as your child engages with the loveable characters and beautifully illustrated objects.

Key Toddler Skills:

* Reasoning
* Listening
* Fine Motor Skills
* Cause and Effect
* Instruction Following
* Counting
* Vocabulary

Interactive Features:

* Interact with each page to progress the story
* Tap to activate special effects
* Drag objects around the pages
* Touch characters to make them wiggle and jiggle
* Tilt to make water move back and forth

Reading Modes:

* Read to Me - Listen to the professionally narrated story with word highlighting and individual word playback
* Read by Myself - Tap individual words to hear their pronunciation


* An original rhyming story for toddlers and preschoolers
* 14 beautifully illustrated & fully interactive pages
* Multiple touch points on each page waiting to be discovered
* Loveable characters
* Professional animation guaranteed to produce countless giggles
* Original soundtrack and sound effects

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