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Java SE 7 Doc

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From the Developer

This is a handy reference guide for the standard JDK7 library,which includes all of java,javax,org packages/class/interface/contructor/property/method and its description in JAVA SE 7.

To be able to quickly and easily find the knowledge anywhere, This app is well-organized and supports very smart query, All of these are Offline reading, No internet connection required.

This app shows these package/class/interface/contructor/property/method with the JAVA syntax, Such as Indents and classes's FULLNAME. Display list can be shown by means of indents based on Syntax conventions, the purpose is to let them easier to be identified.

The order of package/classes can be defined, so, the package/classes that you favorite can be put on the top, or if you confirm you will never use some package/classes, just delete them, this will be more convenient than online viewing.

.Provides Java SE 7 API Documentation,based on javaSE7
.Offline reading,No internet connection required
.Sort packages and classes by your customize
.Support FullMatch mode on search packages/classes by keyword
.All interface support Full Screen in terms of landscape orientation

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