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Introduction English Vol.A

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From the Developer

★The first step towards English fluency!
Introduction to Conversation is a gateway to the first level of English conversation.

Not only will you learn the most basic greetings, but you will be guided through building a simple conversation, using fundamental English expressions and vocabulary.

Students will also learn the MES method of building questions and answers through constant practice with the instruction of a native speaking instructor.

Introduction to Conversation students focus on their pronunciation and memorization of the tenses during the eLessons.

The goal for students of Introduction to Conversation is to start speaking English from day one, while mastering the basic tenses, vocabulary and correct pronunciation!


★ Your Result

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to speak English fluently and confidently at the introductory level:

• Introduce yourself
• Make small talk
• Use simple, everyday expressions
• Ask about other people’s jobs, hobbies, and plans fluently
• Talk about plans
• Describe the past, present and future
• Ask polite questions
• Start basic conversations with foreigners
• Use correct pronunciation, accent and intonation
• Do all of this and more with confidence!


★ Vol.A Introduction to English

01. Asking about jobs, hobbies and interests
02. Talking about jobs, hobbies, and interests
03. Expressing thanks
04. Talking about the weather
05. Asking about possessions (singular)
06. Aalking about possessions (singular)
07. Asking about possessions (plural)
08. Talking about possessions (plural)
09. Asking for information (singular)
10. Giving information
11. Asking for information (plural)
12. Giving information (plural)
13. Asking about location (singular)
14. Talking about location (singular)
15. Asking about location (plural)
16. Talking about location (plural)
17. Asking about the location of something, using “here”
18. Talking about the location of something, using “here”
19. Asking about time
20. Talking about time

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