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From the Developer

Are you preparing for the International Legal English Certificate Exam (ILEC) or would you like to refresh your legal English? If so, we have the perfect App for you.

The International Legal English App (ILE-App) provides you with around 400 of the most important legal words and phrases that are essential for the exam or for your daily law- related work. It is designed to assist you with your preparation for the International Legal English Certificate Exam or to expand your knowledge of legal terms. It comprises vocabulary learning and a search section to help you use the specific legal terms in the appropriate context.

All the content of the ILE-App has been carefully chosen by an experienced Legal English teacher and Cambridge oral examiner. The teacher has identified words that have been most important when expressing one’s self during the exam in a legal context.

Around 400 of the most important legal words and phrases, separated into the following units:
-Legal terms
-Company Law
-Employment Law
-Competition Law
-Debtor-Creditor / Secured Lending
-Real Property
-Environmental Law
-Intellectual Property

Our science-based learning system helps you to learn fast and effectively. The learning mode comprises your personalized card box, consisting of five sections. At first, all index cards are arranged in the first stack but the more you learn the more cards progress upwards.

Need an example on how to use the legal word or phrase correctly? We provide you with one or more example sentences for each word and phrase in specific context.
You can also search for a specific legal word or phrase. Simply scroll through the list or type the beginning of the word you are looking for.

Not sure how to pronounce a word or phrase? Our English native speaker helps you out. We have recorded all words and phrases in order to assist you as well as possible with your preparation and learning.

Your learning success is our goal. That is the reason why we provide you with useful statistics like the “Best Known Unit” and settings like the “Pause Mode” that reminds you to take a break after a certain amount of time.

Once installed, no internet connection is needed: learn where- and whenever you want to!

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