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From the Developer

**Featured on MSN Lifestyle & Yahoo Shine homepages (2011, 2012)
**Top 50 Medical App in 11 countries including France, Australia, India
**Top 100 Medical App in 12 countries including USA, UK, Canada

Picked by PARENTS Magazine & TODAY'S PARENT Magazine as a featured Best App:
**In "Best iPhone Apps for Parents" (Parents Magazine)
**In "21 Apps for Parents" (Today's Parent Magazine)

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CREATED by Dr. Michelle Hillis, this Natural Health and First Aid app helps you find the information you need QUICKLY and CONCISELY-no sorting through lots of symptom and treatment lists! Find the right NATURAL Homeopathic Medication and Dosage for many common Medical and First Aid situations, find KEY SYMPTOMS, and check early signs of serious MEDICAL complications-all in one app. Where to buy Homeopathic Medications?-at Pharmacies and Natural grocery stores around the world. Homeopathy is used reliably and with no side effects, in over 70 countries! Great to have on hand for your First Aid kit and Home/Travel use!

With iHomeopathy you can:
+ Find the right Homeopathic Medication for:
- First Aid Conditions
- Children's Ailments
- Common Illnesses
+ Find DOSAGES -including Children's Dosing. Provides detailed Homeopathic Medication Dosages for EVERY condition on the app! - including:
- Specific POTENCY to take
- How OFTEN to take it (frequency)
- How LONG to take it for (duration)
+ Identify KEY SYMPTOMS of First-Aid conditions, Childhood ailments, and Illnesses in "Overview" section of each condition.
+ Helpful "First-Aid Links" feature-linking Illnesses to specific Homeopathic Medications so you don't have to sort through lots of lists to find the right treatment.
+ Check early signs of serious MEDICAL complications that indicate an emergency.
+ Convenient "Favorites" feature allows you to personalize/bookmark information.
+ Email feature allows you to share app info with others.
+ Useful "Search" feature. Search by Illness or by specific Homeopathic Medication.
+ No Network connection required
+ Easy to understand interface
+ Works on iPhone and iPad

iHomeopathy is not intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.

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