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iHeartRate - for health, wellness, fitness and workouts

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  • iHeartRate - for health, wellness, fitness and workouts-1iHeartRate - for health, wellness, fitness and workouts-2iHeartRate - for health, wellness, fitness and workouts-3iHeartRate - for health, wellness, fitness and workouts-4iHeartRate - for health, wellness, fitness and workouts-5

From the Developer

★★★★★ As featured in Men's Health, Sept 2009's Six-Pack Apps ★★★★★
"An ever-growing collection of health-related apps for multiple platforms are out there, and we tested the best and most innovative. Start with these." - Men's Health, Sept 09

Reached Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps - Canada
Reached Top 20 Health & Fitness Apps - Australia
Reached Top 25 Health & Fitness Apps - USA

"iHeartRate takes health and fitness to a new level...Overall, iHeartRate does a fantastic job in keeping track of your workout statistics." -

"iHeartRate Monitor does not just give you the information listed above, but it also estimates how many calories you have worked off during your workout. iHeartRate Monitor is a great application..." - Chris Bumeter,

"Using this app is just like taking all of those convenient exercise machine calculation tools and putting them into the iPhone" -

"They've made a great tool for budding and experienced exercise aficionados. Simply a great experience all-around."
- Tai Toh,

Here's some feedback from our users:

"Love it! iHeartRate is perfect for me. Very easy to use and gives me the data and feedback I want in a simple and direct format." Kmarysmith from US App Store

"A slick interface that makes everything simple and straightforward to use and understand" - Daern from US App Store

"Thank you for iHeartRate. It's a very nice, simple & useful app that keeps me motivated. :)" @loveme from Twitter

"Took a good 3 mile walk 2day using iHeartRate. It was inspiring, showed calories & all." @mychatter from Twitter

"Great job on your iPhone app, it has come in very handy " @zunaid from Twitter


iHeartRate is a simple, elegant, fun to use heart rate monitor with a unique Target Heart Rate training zone meter, a calorie burn calculator and a detailed physical profile database for monitoring Body Fat %, BMI and other important stats.

Keep track of your resting heartrate as well as your training heart rates to ensure you are getting the MOST out of your work out by staying in your optimal training zone and achieving your Target HR.

iHeartRate's beautiful yet simple interface makes it easy for everyone to use.

Great for staying in the zone and maximizing your cardio workouts and for use with popular workout programs like P90X, Pilates, Yoga, Tae Bo, Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme!


To get a heart rate reading, simply take your pulse (your neck, just under your chin is best) with one hand, and use the other hand to tap the iHeartRate button on the screen.

You can quickly get an accurate reading in seconds! The elegant and simple interface enables anyone to take their heart rate quickly and easily.


Heart Rate Monitor
- an easy to use heart rate monitor, get an accurate reading in seconds

Training Zone Meter
- A real time meter that helps you maintain your optimal aerobic zone for workouts and achieve your Target Heart Rate. Customized through your profile settings.

Real Time Calorie Counter
- Works in conjunction with profile settings, the Training Zone Meter and your current heart rate to calculate the calories you have burned off.

Real Time Chronograph
- Works in conjunction with Training Zone Meter and Calorie Counter with Reset, Pause, and Play features.

Detailed Profile and Calculators
- By filling out your profile, you enable iHeartRate to customize the Training Zone Meter, Calorie Counter, Body Fat and BMI calculators specifically for your stats.

- Additional iHeartRate skins!
- Multiple Fitness Profiles (as requested by our users)
- HR / Calorie burn session tracking and history
- Goal oriented workout program (for interval training and more)

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