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Hutos Nado Sticker Book

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From the Developer

Hutos, sticker, book, cotton, baby, kid, child, nado, joa, ara, moya, siro

★ I Buy Used hutoseu the 3-6 year old children in the house to target app which, in the car, anywhere in the restaurant as a child by yourself can be fun to play.


★★ Features hutoseu I Buy Used ★★
- Buy Used hutoseu I consists of the various stages and stickers related to the stage to break whenever you can enjoy videos hutoseu.
- Children's interests and to induce children to fun and cute sound more exciting to play to help.
- As well as Hangul Hangul word in English can be used in addition to learning English words can be.

★★ I Buy Used Information ★★
- I Buy Used for the IQ and EG increases.
- Yeonsangryeok, concentration, memory, coordination and gilreojup labrum is hand.
- Is the development of fine motor hand while moving.
- Thinking and cognitive skills will increase.

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