Giggle Ghosts


Ages: 0-3 3-5 5-7 7-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - Paid
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From the Developer

Help the Giggle Ghosts get to the ghost party in time! Bounce, toot, drag and giggle as you try to get all 20 ghosts to the party – then see what surprises await you once you’re there!

Kids will love this arcade inspired game, designed just for preschoolers and young children learning to count. Keep an eye on a ghost’s path as it falls, and try to anticipate which chimney it will land on. Then bounce the ghost across the rooftops by touching the chimneys for a musical ‘toot’. Count each ghost as you rescue them – rescue all 20 ghosts, and you earn even more fun at the interactive Ghost Party!

The game features 4 levels with different challenges that teach basic math skills (counting and numbers) and simple physical science (anticipating a trajectory) while they have fun with the bouncing, laughing ghosts, plus the musical chimneys and all the surprises that await them at the Ghost Party.
Features colourful art, engaging music, brand-new giggles and a unique, fun gameplay!

- Numbers and counting
- Follow and predict a ghost’s path
- Beautiful art and music
- Addictive giggles and sound effects
- Positive encouragement
- Easy & intuitive interface
- SAFE: no in-app purchases or external links

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