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Ages: 3-5
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From the Developer

Funimal Phonics is an impeccable flashcard-style app, with beautiful illustrations and extremely well done, end-to-end. Funimal Phonics for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is the fun way for a child to learn about letters and their sounds. It is ideal for children 18 months + who are starting to learn about letters and their sounds.

The app offers both US and UK English accents as options within the app which can be adjusted within the settings.

There are already some great reviews for Funimal Phonics:

"Funimal Phonics is a simple-to-use app for parents who are looking to give their children an early start on reading skills. With the use of flashcards, the app provides both visual and audio cues to teach kids how to properly pronounce letter sounds."

SMATOOS, Smartlearning Guide

“A simple but polished app whose interactive flashcard approach could easily be a helpful reading and word recognition tool for your pre-schooler.”

Tap! Magazine

"Funimal Phonics is a fantastic app for helping young children to learn the alphabet, they will love all the bright and colourful animal pictures along with the sounds and interactivity. It is sure to keep them entertained for quite some time while they learn their ABC's."

Mummy's Space, blog

"This is the first app from School of Happy and I am already looking forward to the next one. Really great stuff. Funimal Phonics will be available for all Apple devices on the App store from April and I’m sure it’s going to be very popular. Sets to American or UK English. A must buy for preschoolers!"

Daisy Dinosaur, blog

It’s aimed at children between 18 months and four years.
It’s marvellously simple too: you’re presented with a screen showing the whole alphabet and little pictures of the animals, and tapping on a letter brings it up to full-screen.

Tap on the letter and you get the phonic read out, or tap on the word to hear that. Best of all, there are UK and US options – many apps have only one of the two. And there are nice little touches too, like the way you can swing the goat’s bell around his neck, wiggle the jellyfish’s tentacles and tickle the walrus’ moustache.

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The app is designed for intuitive play for ages 18 months to 4 years as a complementary aid for learning about letters and their sounds. It is designed to provide a fun, interactive experience for children who want to learn in an independent, interactive and fun way.

Funimal Phonics has been carefully designed to maximise a child's desire to want to learn by making the experience fun. Through wonderfully entertaining, interactive experiences the child is also more likely to retain the letters they have learnt through stimulation of a child's imagination and sense of joy.

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