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From the Developer

AccelaStudy is the award-winning language education software for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that helps you understand and pronounce words in the shortest possible time. Learn new French words quickly, easily, and permanently with AccelaStudy.

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Join over 6,000,000 people worldwide who have used AccelaStudy to master a language. Perfect for students, travelers, executives, and anyone who wants to quickly increase their fluency.

• PRONOUNCE each word perfectly after listening to NATIVE SPEAKER audio for all words.

• Fully functional version of AccelaStudy with a useful subset of its 2,400 professional translations
• The vocabulary includes commonly used VERBS
• SPACED REPETITION feature helps you quickly memorize new words
• Automatic STATISTICS help you track your learning progress
• Searchable DICTIONARY of all vocabulary
• Flashcards
• Multiple Choice Quiz
• Audio Quiz
• NEW! Completely HANDS-FREE Audio Auto Advance mode allows you to study vocabulary while driving or jogging

• All text and audio content is contained within the application. No Internet connection is required.

Please refrain from sending your bug reports or feature requests using the App Store. Instead, to ensure a direct response from us send them to You can also tweet us at We’re always happy to help our users and receive their comments!

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