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Falling Keys

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From the Developer

An exciting game.
Play with the keys of a piano and learn their names.

A key is falling on an (almost) empty keyboard.
You will see the name of the key.
Let the key fall to the right place.

Be quick, there is little time.
You will hear the piano sound when the note falls in the right place.
The key explodes when you put it on a wrong place.

You can send it in the right direction with two buttons. One to the left, one to the right.
Tap the button in the middle to let the key fall down fast.

At level 1 C, D and E are missing. At level 2 F, G, A and B.

From level 4 black keys are falling.
At level 4 C# en D#, a level higher F#, G# and A# etc.

At level 10 C#, Db, D#, Eb etc…

You can change the language of the names from C D E F G A B C into Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do or C D E F G A H C (german).

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