ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids

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Ages: 5-7 7-11
Price: iPhone/iPad - £4.99

Paul Klee might not be an artist that you have considered covering in the classroom. This superb app makes it clear that you should.


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Teacher Review

Some artists have become classroom staples for primary school art lessons.  Seurat and Mondrian are popular because their artwork has an aspect that, superficially at least, is easy to understand. Children, regardless of their own artistic confidence, feel that there is an access point to trying to emulate the styles they see.

Classrooms should also welcome Paul Klee to their art lessons.  This Swiss artist's style also has an accessibility, despite the depth and complexity, that gives his work a place on the walls of the world's art galleries.

To this, the art teacher should also factor in this app.  It is an introduction to the artist's work in a way that makes interactions and content almost seamless.  Everything in the app is constructed using Klee's work and style and then animated in a way that works beautifully.

It is all very well polished and every screen transition, animation, and sound effect seem to be done just right.  The depths within the works of art are revealed through them.

If there are any criticisms to make of the app it is that, occasionally, it can feel like you are hunting for the hotspots to trigger interactions.  On the one hand, this encourages experimentation but on the other, each tap that does not illicit a response is a little disappointing.  This is a small flaw, though.

The app would be a great way for a teacher to introduce and support a unit of work based on Paul Klee's work.  It is also a wonderful source of inspiration for talking points and lessons.  It could even become part of some cross-curricular work.  How the veins of a leaf define the shape of a leaf and their similarity to trees, can cross to science lessons.  For music lessons, the strong link between this artist's work and music belie his talent with a violin.  It isn't explicitly said so in the app, but it also touches on fractals for maths lessons.

Then, of course, there is the art itself.  The simple shapes, their textures, and how they are arranged in Klee's art can be the inspiration for children's own work.  The more complex parts also let the artistically-gifted stretch themselves and their ideas.  

This app doesn't present all of this on a plate to teachers.  Some extra reading, some planning and resource creation will also be required.  But it is a solid core around which to build.  Presented on a class display and then interacted with by the children, it will certainly encourage interest.

This is a difficult app to categorise.  Essentially it is an art e-book but it is much more too.  It is an inspiration.  A rare child-friendly look at artwork in depth.  The one category in which it does fit easily is that of a 5-star app.  

From the Developer

***** Winner of Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award 2016 for Excellence in Design *****

Do you love art and creativity? Do you want to know more about the great work of Paul Klee, the famous artist? Start a magic journey together with Cice and Ku, two playful friends that will welcome you on PK planet, a very special place that came to life thanks to the works of the great artist, Paul Klee!

Cice, PK planet guide, and Ku, his cat friend and trusty assistant, will take you on a tour to explore Klee’s art! Whenever you want to discover a new place, just pet Ku and he will take you to another exciting finding.

You will be able to play directly with Paul Klee’s paintings:
• Explore the magic atmosphere of the beautiful “Landscape with Yellow Birds”
• Get dreamy in the incredible “Dream Town”
• Build your own wonderful “Castle and Sun”
• Have fun playing the surprising “Twittering Machine”
• Get to know the laughter masters, the fun puppets that Klee created for his son out of recycled materials
• And more and more!

Meet Cice and Ku, start the journey, dive into Klee’s art pieces and explore his art! Let your imagination fly high on the wings of creativity!


• 6 paintings by Paul Klee, animated and interactive: (“Crucifers and Spiral Flowers”, “Landscape with Yellow Birds”, “Castle and Sun”, “Dream Town”, “Fugue in Red”, “Twittering Machine”)
• Interactive puppet theatre
• Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations by artist Liza Schiavi
• Charming old fashioned 2D animation
• Original acoustic music (composed applying Gordon’s Music Learning Theory)
• Interactive map of “PK planet” to navigate through the art pieces
• Supplementary Units with in-depth information and details about the artist, his works and his life as well as activity proposals
• Kid-in-control approach, with no gamification (no objectives and rewards, no levels, no rights/wrongs!)
• Suitable to several age ranges, due to multi-level structured contents: younger kids will be able to follow the story with the “read to me” option, while older kids will be able to appreciate additional historical information in the Integration Units and some levels of conceptual depth of the contents.

Other features:

• Easy switch between languages directly inside the app, no narrative interruption
• Voice-over option
• Complete index with all the pages to easily reach desired contents
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

About Lapisly:

Lapisly is a Digital Publishing House specialized in the creation of Art Appbooks for Children. We explore the didactical potential of new technologies to provide Digital Natives with a new learning experience, an innovative way to learn about art history and to stimulate their creativity, through the direct interaction with art pieces.
We adopt a handcraft approach, merging the use of digital technologies with the warm feeling of the manual sign of traditional illustration, old fashioned animation, original storytelling and acoustic music.

We aim at transforming the cold-looking digital medium in a tool full of poetry, to accompany Digital Natives in magic interactive immersions in the world of art.
Lapisly, art appbooks created with art.

Lapisly has developed ExplorArt Klee in collaboration with Ware’s Me s.r.l., partner company specialized in children's app technical development.

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