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English Spanish (Match'Em Up™ Language Adventure)

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From the Developer

English Spanish (Match'Em Up™ Language Adventure) is a fun learning tool whether you are learning English or Spanish. It has a matching game, a gallery to study words, a quiz to test and see what you really know and a spelling game so you get it perfect for school. All words have audio pronunciation in both English and Spanish.

Now with topics for numbers, nouns and verbs!

★ Matching of either 8, 12 or 18 images and English or Spanish words across 4 rounds of play.
★ Audio of all words in both English and Spanish by native speakers
★ Fun and educational at the same.
★ A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration.
★ 3 different levels of play to increase the difficulty as you learn.
★ Gallery mode so you can view all of the words and hear them pronounced.
★ Head 2 Head system for 2 players at once in fun turn based game. This is great for siblings, parent/child and among friends.

Thanks for buying English Spanish (Match'Em Up™ Language Adventure)!

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