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English-Spanish Language Translator Phrasebook

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From the Developer


Do you wonder why learning another language is important?

Ever found yourself in a foreign country LOST FOR WORDS when trying to speak with a local? Looking at the blank stare, do you wish you could just speak a few words or phrases? Well help is here…..

English-Spanish Language Translator Phrasebook, by [], is an easy-to-use language translator for your iPod Touch and iPhone.

Scroll the list of phrases and words OR..

Use the handy QUICK SEARCH BAR to locate your desired phrase. As quickly as you can type you can learn and speak the phrase.

English-Spanish Language Translator Phrasebook provides all the essential phrases and words for:

- Basic Spanish Phrases for Travelers (Tourists)
- Translate English Sentences to Spanish
- Introductions & Greetings
- Directions
- Transportation
- Time & Dates
- Shopping & Services
- List Spelling of Spanish Numbers
- Calling for help in an Emergency…..

English-Spanish Language Translator Phrasebook is your foreign conversation partner.

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