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Driving Test Show Me Tell Me!

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From the Developer

This is a 2 in 1 Application to help learners (Show Me Tell Me practical test), new and existing drivers get active and actually point to find their way around a car.

You have a picture of under a car bonnet asking questions, where certain parts are. You are told if you are right or wrong and even have a hint function when you are not sure.

The application also includes the official 19 'Tell Me' questions that are asked during the practical exam. Youtube support Videos for most Questions.

It will make you think about your answers, like in the real test and will help to build up your confidence with your own self written answers to 'Tell me' questions.
Extremely important to anyone taking their Practical Driving Test.

The application has 21 Tell me questions (The official ones and 3 more helpful things to know about a car.) and 4 Show me tests.

* Now includes a road signs area. Currently Warning signs only.

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