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Draw, Color, and Learn - PRO

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From the Developer

Welcome to the world of artists..!!

The latest and the most enjoyable drawing and coloring application for kids..!!

Unlike many other similar apps available, this application works as an educational tool for kids to learn vocabulary and spelling in a very entertaining way. Its the best way for your kid to have fun and learn something at the same time!

Start the application and choose whether you want to start coloring one of the large collections of coloring pages, or you want to create a new empty drawing with a wide variety of paper colors

Application Content:
1- Over 150 high quality coloring pages
2- Coloring pages categorized in different collections
3- Free regular updates for the coloring pages
4- Colorful empty pages to make your own drawing from scratch
5- No hidden in-app purchases

Drawing & Coloring Features:
1- Real coloring tool, not as color filling method
2- A complete colors set
3- Different brush sizes for easier coloring
4- Easy erasing tool
5- Undo and Redo tools
6- Save drawings to your gallery
7- Ability to continue coloring your pictures at any time
8- Sharing tools to show your drawings to your friends and family
9- Learning tool for children to learn the name and the spelling of the coloring page
10- Lovely background music collection to make the coloring time more enjoyable
11- Easy and straight forward user interface avoiding the need for advanced navigation tools and reducing the need to scroll for color sets and tools.

Enjoy and Learn ..!!

We will be glad to hear all your comments and suggestions and we will be working to update the application regularly to meet your expectations.

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