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DoodleMaths is an excellent learning tool for use in school or at home that covers key stages 2 and 3. It provides essential data to the teacher or parent of not just what their student or child is good at, but more importantly, areas of weaknesses. It is extremely intuitive, but help is at hand by pressing the “more” information icon. The user is then guided audibly through the options and how to use the app. Users need to gather Doodle Stars which they can trade in for added extras such individualising their pet that they have selected when they put their name to the app. The top Doodle Star gatherers are displayed on the Doodle Stars website. What must be emphasised is that the app is fully adaptive. This is achieved by the user putting in their name, selecting a pet and their country flag. There are three sliders that, with help and input from an adult, allows the DoodleMaths app to become fully adaptive to the user.

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Teacher Review

The app is visually uncluttered and clean without too many distractions for the younger eye to “feast” upon rather than concentrate on the task at hand. The front page has 6 main buttons with 3 of these being on the outside of the main content area and a Doodle Star score display. The “more information” icon takes the user audibly through the front page options. The user can log out or use the “personalise my program” link to add their name, select a pet and nation flag then, with the help of a grown up, use sliders to select where they are in the Doodle Stars programme, which year of study they are in and if they find maths tricky, ok or easy. This is how the app becomes adaptive to the learner and fully differentiated. Teachers will love this bit. An assessment is made as a practice. It’s here that the user is first exposed to the different Doodle Star type questions and the user is audibly guided through the practice session. True or false, put in order, text entry, sorting, multiple choice, linking (by drawing a line), written method are all used. The assessment then begins for real. When this is completed the user is encourage to register. There is not a password reset link here, but this can be circumvented by going to the website. Once the user is logged in the app selects the appropriate number of problems per day, in this case 8. The user must do these first and get them all correct before they can move on to “what’s new today”.  If at any point the user gets any answer wrong twice, a pop up suggests they should try using help. The Doodle Maths app can audibly go through an example of how to solve the problem. “My Pages” the user can see their progress, collect Doodle Stars, try to improve, create doodles and visit their pet to unlock “added extras” using the Doodle Stars they have collected. In the grown-ups sections, the user can find out about the app. In “See FAQs”, the topic and the programme can be adjusted for the learner. The user’s DoodleMaths age can be revealed here as well.  Overall a very useful, professional, rewarding, fully adaptive Maths app that would only encourage more use and more exposure time in mathematical thinking. What will engage children very well is the fact that Doodle Stars are collected and can be traded in towards items for the user’s pet that they have previously selected. It provides valuable data for teachers as well as parents as to where their learners’ and child’s weakness lay in order for any remedial work to be targeted.

From the Developer

Maths: A personalised learning system for maths with proven results.

PARENTS: You will need this app if your child...

...has lost confidence in maths
...has an important exam coming up, such as Maths SATs, or 11+
...would benefit from supplementing the maths they do at school to ensure they are always reaching their potential.

TEACHERS: We do what's tricky for you - create a personalised study program for every child, based on their strengths and weaknesses. Hundreds of teachers are benefiting from DoodleMaths; visit to find out how.

Working with schools, independent tests have shown that regular use of DoodleMaths can as much as triple a child’s rate of progress in maths. Here's how it works:

An assessment, and ongoing analysis, leads to a work program that is fully tailored to your child’s ability and their weaker areas. DoodleMaths is the ONLY maths app which can personalise its content to the user. Regular practice is key: children are encouraged to use DoodleMaths for a few minutes daily.

With over 6000 carefully-crafted questions covering the entire curriculum, and helpful explanations throughout, DoodleMaths will accompany your child’s maths throughout Years 3 to 6. The personalised work program makes it ideal for SATs or 11+ preparation.

• On-line parent dashboard to track progress - go to
• Synchronise work programs seamlessly between any device, Android, Apple, Kindle etc.
• Great motivational features to maintain interest
• Use the index feature to help with maths homework from school
• No internet connection required – use anywhere around the home, in the car, on holiday, to fit around your schedule

Trial DoodleMaths for free. Your child’s study program is available with a single in-app purchase after about a week of use

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