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Datability is an app designed to be used by educational professionals and school personnel to track and monitor student progress. The app is student target specific and generates reports, graphs and summaries of tailored student goals and progress. Information can be presented in the form of a report that can be shared with colleagues, students and parents.


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Teacher Review

Datability is an app designed to be used by educational professionals and school personnel to track and monitor student progress.

Upon opening the app a teacher profile has to be set up which requires an email. The app will require you to sign in with your password every time you wish to use it. The developers should consider a function to keep the user signed in although we understand that some of the information may be private to the user and student. Once you have signed in you are presented with a platform with 7 user icons.

We advise that the user reads through the instructions by pressing the 'Help' icon. This is very useful to get an overall feel for the app.

The first objective is to set up a student by using the 'Add student' icon. Although this is straight forward it is very time consuming to add each student especially by repeating the school name. The developers should consider a drop down menu here or the ability to import a list of students would help. Once the students have been entered they can viewed in the 'Student List' icon where they can be deleted or their goals can be viewed. We noticed that there was no way of creating a class list or different classes which may be beneficial. Attaching a photo of a student may also be useful here especially if you teach a number of students.

The apps best feature by far is the 'Assign Goal' feature icon. A student can be chosen from the drop down menu of students added and a goal can be set. We appreciate that names are shortened for security purposes. A heading and Goal can be typed in or pasted using the 'paste' button (not really need if pressed and held in the box).

A criteria can be chosen for a percentage required over a fixed period displayed in the drop down menu. We would like to see the ability to add Grades here instead of a percentage but the Criteria period is vast and caters for many options. A method can be selected for how the goal is reached or recorded. Once again there is a vast selection here form Classroom tests to work samples to video recording. The ability to free type in here would be an added bonus. A schedule and date can be set with responsibilities for the service provider teaching the goal.

The 'Pending updates' icon allows the teacher to view the Goals of students and update their status. We like the fact that you can attach files here such as photos. This is an excellent feature that has lots of potential. We would like to see the introduction of the R(red), A(amber),G(green) system as used in many schools worldwide rather than a percentage for progress.

The 'Report' icon can be used to create a report that will display the students’ progress as an A4 print out. This is an excellent feature and we like the fact that it can be displayed as a PDF and emailed to others or printed. This is a valuable function that could really help students and parents. The developers could consider other 3rd party sharing features here for the future such as Drop Box, Google Drive etc. Two types of report can be generated here for All Goal data and a single Goal data. The All Goal data also creates a line graph, full colour pictures and anecdotal descriptions.

Trying to create an app that creates student profiles and reports is a complicated process and not all apps are going to cater for all academic levels and all educational institutions. Datability has provided us with a good app that can cater for most academic levels and with some further features and minor fine tuning the app will appeal to a larger target audience.

From the Developer

Datability is a data collection and reporting tool for educators and school personnel. It was developed by a special educator as a resource for organizing and managing student goals with ease. Produce concise student data reports that include graphs, photos, and notes to be shared, printed, and emailed to parents and colleagues.
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