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From the Developer

ConjuVerb makes it easy to look up Spanish verbs. ConjuVerb contains over 600 of the most used verbs in Spanish. We don't waste your time with verbs that are rarely, if ever, used. You can focus only on the most important verbs!

ConjuVerb searches as you type, with the ability to look up verbs in their conjugated form. You do not have to remember the infinitive form! Just start typing and words matching your spelling will appear. Look up in Spanish OR English.

Contains the Indicative, Subjunctive and Imperative moods, with all tenses for each of the moods.

ConjuVerb also includes a "Flash Card Mode." You can choose to quiz yourself on Spanish verb conjugations. With the option of customizing the list of verbs on which you are to be quizzed. Choices include:

All Words
Recently Viewed Words
Your Starred Words

When choosing any of the above set of words ConjuVerb makes it easy to exclude any of the moods and/or tenses you do not wish to view. For instance say you only want to view the Indicative mood with Present and Past tense only, ConjuVerb makes it a snap to view only those words. You can customize the background image for pleasant Flash Card viewing.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are glad to assist you on your quest to learn Spanish verbs.

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