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Computer and IT Quiz (Pro)

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From the Developer

This is a computer and IT quiz for computer fans, professionals and geeks.

Subjects covered are computer hardware, computer software, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, other operating systems, networking, troubleshooting, computer history, programming languages including C++, Java, Assembly and more, microprocessor architecture, Cisco, software development, laser printers, number bases, other technology and computing/ICT areas, computer science and more.

You can play the Computer and IT Quiz at different difficulty levels including:

- Hobbyist/Professional - For those with a good ground knowledge in computers and IT.

- Expert - For those with a LOT of experience in IT/computing and related technology.

-Nightmare! - The toughest of tough questions! If you consider your knowledge of PC's, operating systems, technology, programming, networking and computer science to be excellent, then have a go at the Nightmare mode.

Learn from your mistakes - each answer is explained so you know where you went wrong, and you can now review all questions and answers at the end of the quiz, allowing you to spend some time learning where you went wrong.

Features exclusive to this pro version:
-No ads
-Review feature
-NEW Sudden Death mode - answer 100 questions in a row - it's not as easy as it sounds!

Features of both versions:
-App 2 SD
-Regular updates
-Simple interface
-The most comprehensive computer quiz on Android
-Easy submission of any problems or suggestions
-You can now submit quiz questions for inclusion in the quiz

**Special offer - reduced price**

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