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Chopin the Piano

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From the Developer

Chopin Library!

Thank you for interested in the "Chopin the Piano".
This App include 51 Chopin's piano works.
The performance time is over 2 hours and 55 minutes.

* All songs can set to the RingTones.

In this major version up, we start Real-Piano-Tone tunes by Net. First set is "Favorite Piano Works".

We will transfer copyrights of 11 ringtones to everyone.
Songs which indicated your copyright can be freely distributed.
* A gift to a friend
* Distribute to many people as the copyright free products at the SNS.
* Sell for a fee
Please feel free to use.

The list of 11 free songs are as follows.
1. Impromptu No.4 "Fantaisie-Impromptu"
2. Waltz No.6 "Minute Waltz"
3. Polonaise No.6 "Heroique"
4. Etude No.3 "Tristesse"
5. Etude No.5 "Black Key"
6. Etude No.12 "Revolutionary"
7. Etude No.21 "Butterfly"
8. Etude No.23 "Winter Wind"
9. Nocturne No.20
10. Nocturne No.2 (Part of Start)
11. Ditto (Part of End)

*This is a paid app so, please purchase on was examined sufficiently.

With this app, you can choose from six musical instruments.
* Acoustic Grand Piano (default setting)
* Bright Acoustic Piano
* Electric Grand Piano
* Music Box
* Harp
* Selestat (Celesta)
* Songs which was played by Kai Ichinose on the Chopin Competition are included with nearly all. (Except for the sonata and concerto)

* Apps can be moved to the external storage.(for Os ver.2.2 or above)
* There is no advertising

If you can, please connect to the speakers and enjoy listening.

Must be capable of music playback MIDI (standard with Android).

All 51 Songs List
01. Ballade No.4 Op.52
02. Barcarolle Op.60
03. Impromptu No.4 "Fantaisie-Impromptu" Op.66
04. Lullaby Op.57
05. Polonaise No.6 "Heroique" Op.53
06. Nocturne No.2 Op.9-2
07. Nocturne No.3 Op.9-3
08. Nocturne No.5 Op.15-2
09. Nocturne No.9 Op.32-1
10. Nocturne No.10 Op.32-2
11. Nocturne No.13 Op.48-1
12. Nocturne No.19 Op.72-1
13. Nocturne No.20 No Op.
14. Mazurka No.5 Op.7-1
15. Mazurka No.13 Op.17-4
16. Mazurka No.30 Op.50-1
17. Mazurka No.31 Op.50-2
18. Mazurka No.32 Op.50-3
19. Prelude No.4 Op.28-4
20. Prelude No.6 Op.28-6
21. Prelude No.7 Op.28-7
22. Prelude No.13 Op.28-13
23. Prelude No.14 Op.28-14
24. Prelude No.15 "Raindrop Prelude" Op.28-15
25. Prelude No.16 Op.28-16
26. Prelude No.17 Op.28-17
27. Prelude No.18 Op.28-18
28. Prelude No.19 Op.28-19
29. Prelude No.20 Op.28-20
30. Prelude No.21 Op.28-21
31. Prelude No.22 Op.28-22
32. Prelude No.23 Op.28-23
33. Prelude No.24 Op.28-24
34. Waltz No.1 "Grande valse brillante" Op.18
35. Waltz No.3 Op.34-2
36. Waltz No.6 "Minute Waltz" Op.64-1
37. Waltz No.7 Op.64-2
38. Waltz No.8 Op.64-3
39. Waltz No.9 Op.69-1
40. Etude No.1 Op.10-1
41. Etude No.2 Op.10-2
42. Etude No.3 "Tristesse" Op.10-3
43. Etude No.5 "Black Key" Op.10-5
44. Etude No.12 "Revolutionary" Op.10-12
45. Etude No.13 "Aeolian Harp" Op.25-1
46. Etude No.21 "Butterfly" Op.25-9
47. Etude No.23 "Winter Wind" Op.25-11
48. Ecossaises No.1 Op.72-3
49. Ecossaises No.2 Op.72-4
50. Ecossaises No.3 Op.72-5
51. Scherzo No.2 Op.31

Please mail to us, if you have any comments.
flute.altes @

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