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Discover The Instruction Manual For Your Children That Will Give You Miraculous Child-Rearing Skills And More Importantly Well-Behaved, Well-Adjusted Kids!

You have moments of nervousness, but deep down inside you know that you'll do the right thing. You may not have training, experience or a 'magic touch' with kids but something just tells you that you'll be a great mom or dad and that all of the questions you have about children will somehow answer themselves after the stork drops off your little bundle of joy.

And you're wrong. Once the baby comes home from the hospital, it becomes remarkably clear that you don't always know what to do. You'll soon realize that the idea of "parental instincts" is wildly over-rated.

And that's when you'll say something generations of parents have said before you: "I Wish Kids Came With An Instruction Manual".

Now, it's a reality.

This comprehensive guide to effective discipline and source of strong parenting recommendations will provide you with the kind of direction and support you've wanted since the first time you held your baby.

This guide is brimming with ideas, suggestions, research, information and guidance applicable to children of all ages and temperaments.

Here is what you will discover inside...

★ Dealing with discipline and small children.
★ Encountering and addressing ADHD.
★ The proper way to use rewards to inspire and to encourage great behavior.
★ Handling problem children.
★ Surviving and thriving during the "terrible two's".
★ Timeouts and the best way to use them.
★ Putting focus on the right issues.
★ Discipline techniques that usually fail and how to avoid them.
★ Dealing with children who are testing your limits.
★ Root causes for common forms of misbehavior.
★ Threats and how (not) to use them.
★ Effectively disciplining adolescents and teenagers.
★ And much, much, much MORE!
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