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Charlie's Video Player

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From the Developer

Charlie's Video Player is a video (and audio) player for parents with young children. It locks out on-screen controls whilst playing media so that eager little fingers can't interrupt the playback.

Parents can setup a playlist and configure options, including setting the child lock (a secret combination of tapping the four corners of the screen).

** Features **

- Simple and fast playlist management.
- Change the child lock any time (useful if they work it out!).
- Autoplay on startup (in case you need a distraction fast!).
- Never-ending play (loops your playlist).
- Add your own videos via iTunes File Sharing.
- User Guide with tips and tricks for preparing media and physically blocking off the Home button.
- Universal app (buy once, play on all your devices).
- High-resolution UI for retina iPhones and new iPad.

Charlie's Video Player was made by Charlie's Dad and the Frosty Badger team.

For support and suggestions, tweet us @frostybadger or e-mail

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