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Spelling Apps for Kids

Learning to spell correctly is an important skill, usually mastered in the primary and secondary schools. Daily spelling practice is essential to this endeavor, but it doesn't have to be boring. Read on to find apps that make spelling fun and also improves vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Spelling helps a child to read and communicate and it helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. You can help your child to improve their spelling and learn the words sent home from school using these simple apps.

    An app that utilises gamification to help students improve their spelling abilities.

    A game based spelling app encouraging imagination to help improve spelling.

    Scribblenauts Remix could be great springboard for kids to create their own puzzles complete with scenarios, hints, and a library of objects.

    A wonderful app, useful for children practicing their year 1 spellings.

    Spelling Hangman is a fun and easy to use app that will come in handy for young children when preparing for spelling classes.

    SpellingCity is a word game app designed to help kids learn spelling and improve vocabulary and grammar skills.

    iWriteWords is a handwriting app where users trace words, letters, and numbers at their own pace in order to become more familiar with the alphabet and numeral system.

    Spelling Pro allows teachers and parents to easily create effective spelling exercises that not only help children spell, but also pronounce and understand words in cont...

    It helps student’s practice their spelling outside of the classroom and on the go.

    Sight Words - An early reading and spelling adventure has 320 featured sight words that appear in the games.

    Spelling Bee includes over 1000 pre-build practice tests to choose from! Plus all the spelling activities are turned into fun games so kids feel like they are playing ga...

    This app has a number of activities, lessons and tests that can help children improve their understanding of English grammar and vocabulary.

    Kids can learn spelling with SpellBoard, but how much they learn depends greatly on how accurately they (or their parents) enter the spelling words they're studying.

    Alpha Writer, by Montessorium is a Montessori-style learning app that helps kids learn letter sounds and teaches them how to form words.

    Foundation Key words app’s content is focused on the high-frequency words, numbers, colours, months and days of the week that children need to learn at a young age.