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Audio Book

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From the Developer

This application is a useful tool to help you improve your English.

We hope this application will prove to be a useful tool to help improve your English reading and listening skills.

It is a collection of free English text and audio files we have gathered from the internet.

We have put them together in one convenient place for easy access.

The application connects you directly to our private server and allows you to download the files straight to your phone.

The files are saved in the folder /sdcard/ListenEnglish.

The first time you run the program you will see a message saying, “The English texts and audio files don’t exist on your phone. Would you like to download?” Choose ‘Accept’ to confirm.

You will then be able to choose which files you would like to download.

If you find that you cannot access the files after downloading them, simply navigate to the folder, delete the files, and re-download them.

The more you download the more storage space it will occupy on your phone or sd card.

Data charges may occur according to your data plan.

The more data is used the more you may be charged.

Wi-fi connections normally do not use the 3G network, so data rates do not apply.

We will be updating our server from time to time adding more English text and audio files for you to enjoy.

Updated lists will be automatically applied and available for viewing.

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