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Answer Underground

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From the Developer

Answer Underground is a learning app that makes it easy for students to share information through Group Questions & Answers. We believe in the power of bringing student's real-world connections together for learning.

With the official Answer Underground iphone app, you can search for questions or answers in academic categories such as Math, Science, Literature, History, Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Social Sciences. Law, Health and Religion.

Join an existing Group in any academic category or create your own school group, study group or academic group. Invite your classmates, teachers and friends to join a group. Post any question and answer to Facebook.

Ask a question in any open group, join open academic group
Create your academic group, send classmates invites to join
Get Answers texted to your phone as soon as they are posted
Like or dislike a question or answer, see who's joining groups
Customize your communication preferences

If you are new to Answer Underground, it's easy to sign up with your iphone or iPod Touch.

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