Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island HD

Category: Geography

Ages: 5-7 7-11
Price: Android - £1.25 iPhone/iPad - £1.49
Ansel and Clair's little green island App is an ecological simulation game with 18 levels where each level presents an environmental issue and then lets kids figure out how to solve it.  After a student creates an account, the app announces: "Congratulations you are the new owner of Green Island!" As they see trash, oil spills, and more, they must fix the problems and earn Green Bucks to buy things like trees to beautify the island. There's also an industrial town and another residential town where kids see environmental no-nos.
The app covers issues such as recycling, pesticides, planting, pollution, natural eco-systems, Acid rain, wind farms, solar power and the ozone layer. Each topic has further information that the students can explore.
The app allows up to four accounts. The game is great fun and incredibly addictive. We recommend that the app is taught in topics and levels as reaching up to Level 18 may take some time. When a player completes all 18 levels, the island is beautiful, natural, and rainbow-framed. A beautifully presented app that teaches a wide topic base and is excellent fun.


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From the Developer

Award winning Ansel & Clair series (20 awards) launches a groundbreaking educational game on the environment & pollution combining creation, problem solving, strategy and fun with stunning animations and interactivity.

PLAY: 18 unique game levels, which combine fun, creativity & problem solving. Complete missions to unlock rewards. Clear trash, plant, water, move, sell trees, catch the coal plants dumping pollutants, clean and free birds stuck in oil, earn GreenBucks to buy your rewards (NO in-app purchases).

CREATE: Your own Green utopia: plant 50+ trees, landscape accents and environment savers

EXPERIENCE How changes around your island result in an increase in pollution (forest fire, air pollution from coal plants and vehicles, pesticides seeping into water, methane from cows, oil spill off the coast, acid rain, hole in the ozone

SOLVE: Fix or mitigate environmental challenges:

  • Replace chemical pesticides on the farm with good bugs
  • Reduce carbon footprint – add a solar panels and windmills
  • Buy a skimmer to clean up an oil spill
  • Clean the birds covered in oil,
  • Add a bike path and public transportation to reduce vehicle pollution
  • Plant fast-growing miscanthus grass that can be used to make alternative fuels

LEARN Through Multiple ways

  • Create, experience, fix, see, hear (dialog & songs), and read (Clairvision Deeper Dive fully supported by audio)
  • How changes outside your island still impact you as neighboring islands, Folksville and Smokey Island evolve and change over 18 game levels
  • From 9 fun little songs that explain pollutants]
  • Make real world connections: E.g., Oil Spill off Green Island – Exxon Valdez; Sign the 3 Island Protocol to stop using ozone products – Montreal Protocol

The app beautifully juxtaposes “a user created and nurtured Green Island” against a pollution-filled industrial town called Smokey Island, and a residential town called Folksville. As the user progresses through levels, see the farm disappear and replaced by a neighborhood, which eventually evolves into a big city. On Smokey Island, see the burnt down forest evolve into a pollution-filled industrial town.

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Key Features

In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No

Curriculum Aligned

Yes (Find out more)

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