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From the Developer

It has the best graphing experience available on the Play Store.
Draw functions, find intersections and show a table of values of the functions with an easy to use interface.

Use the following unique features to help you with your Calculus and Algebra class:
*Symbolic Differentiation
*Definite Integrals
*Calculate Taylor-series
*Solve Equations

Algeo has every feature a scientific calculator needs:
*Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
*Radians and Degree Support
*Result History
*Scientific Notation
*Supports Landscape Mode

If you need help press Menu button -> Help or send an e-mail!

If trigonometric functions give an incorrect answer, make sure you are in the correct angle mode.
You can check it in the upper right corner. To change it press more->DEG/RAD.




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Key Features

In-App Purchases - No

Curriculum Aligned

Yes (Find out more)

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